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Roger Malina, son of Rocketeer Frank Malina, given mention in Huffington Post article.

"PROPULSION" friend and editor in chief of Leonardo Magazine on science and art receives a mention in widely read online publication. 

(SPACE) - Fresh off the success of the “Pleasure of Light: Malina/Kepes” retrospective exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Roger Malina was given a proper shout-out in an article by blogger “Max Eternity”. The article is about artist/educator Joe Nalven and his recent “Homage” showcase, a touring exhibition co-curated by Nalven and digital artist Jim Repress.

The Huffington Post, long read for political discourse, has recently invited bloggers and reporters from outside the political realm and Mr. Eternity is just the latest example of outside-the-box journalists throwing in their two cents. In the Oct 19, 2010 post, Eternity states: 

"About 6 months back, I had an email exchange with Roger Malina, editor of Leonardo Magazine, who said to me that in reading some of my writings, it “reminded me how long it is taking the mainstream art world to really integrate digital and new media into their views of the world.”

To read the entire article and to find out what “Homage” curator Joe Nalven has to say about mainstream art in a digital and new media world, click HERE.

(Roger Malina, screenshot from “Propulsion”)

The eldest son of JPL co-founder Frank Malina, and a featured interview subject in the BLLR Entertainment documentary “Propulsion”, Roger spends his time finding the Next Big Thing in the world of digital technology, science, and art. Malina’s writings can be found at his website: Malina.Diatrope.com

"Propulsion" is a 30 minute documentary chronicling the Birth of Rocketry and the adventures of three students and friends (Frank Malina, Jack Parsons, and Ed Forman) who would go on to co-found NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 


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